What is it, why do people eat muffins

Don’t worry if your social media feeds are bombarded with “blue crap” clichés.

It’s the latest viral challenge that has drawn people all over the world.

And before you think that’s another unnecessary trend, this one can actually be beneficial.

What is the #blupoopchallenge

This is exactly what the name suggests and involves eating two muffins (with food coloring) for breakfast to determine if your poop is turning blue.

Why are you wondering? Well, the now viral challenge was developed by scientists to encourage people to gain insight into their own gut health.

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“I’m not usually a baker but I love this idea! Measure intestinal transit time using blue muffins, ”one person wrote on Twitter.

“I convinced my wife that we should do it. Although I’m interested in my gut health it’s mainly because we’re on a diet and want to eat muffins, blue or not #bluepoopchallenge, ”added another.

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How it works?

You can make your own muffins at home using the bluepoop recipe.

The idea then is to eat two of the blue colored muffins in the morning and every time you go to the bathroom for a number two take note of the color. If it is tinted blue or green, write down the time.

Once you have determined the color of your poo, you can find out your “ poop personality ” via the ZOE website – who are behind the challenge.

The recipe includes ingredients like granulated sugar, vanilla extract, and baking powder, which ZOE says you wouldn’t eat every day, but since this is a once-in-a-lifetime science experiment, ” we include them ”.

The recipe can also be modified (gluten free) but the health company advises using enough blue food coloring.

Why measure gut health through poop?

Dr Sarah Berry, Head of Nutritional Sciences at King’s College London, who worked with ZOE in the publication of a study in the British Medical Journal, asked thousands of participants to eat specially prepared blue muffins so they could measure their transit time.

“There are several scientific ways to measure intestinal transit time, such as swallowing special capsules or a small wireless device,” Dr. Berry said in a statement.

“But these methods are complicated and invasive and cannot be easily applied at home. Our data show that transit time, followed with a blue dye, is an indicator of gut health and is better than

other non-invasive methods available. “

Scientists have found that transit times (the time it takes for food to pass through your gut) vary from less than 12 hours to several days, with an average time of around 29 hours.

Tests found that shorter transit times were generally associated with better health, less belly fat and healthier responses to food, according to ZOE.

Intestinal transit time is not only affected by diet, lifestyle and hydration, but also by the trillions of insects living in the gut known as the gut microbiome, also revealed. the results.

Those who took longer to poop had more protein-eating microbes and fewer fiber-loving bugs that produce helpful molecules called short-chain fatty acids, which are linked to better gut health.

“Interestingly, we also found that people with longer transit times were more likely to have a greater diversity of microbes in their gut, which is often associated with better gut health. This suggests that greater microbiome diversity is not always a sign of better health for people who don’t poop very often, ”he said in a statement.

But it’s not just about being the first on the finish line.

“People with the fastest transit times, suggesting they had diarrhea, tended to have less healthy gut microbiome,” the statement said.

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King’s College London epidemiologist Professor Tim Spector, who is the scientific founder of ZOE, said gut health can also influence our overall health, then listing its impacts: “how we digest food, how we deposit fat. , our mental state, whether we are hungry or full, and this is also very important for our immune system.

“The Blue Poop Challenge is a simple way to find out what’s going on in your gut. All you need are a few blue muffins and a mind of curiosity to take that first step, ”said Mr. Spector.

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