The perfect trade the Hawks have to offer Jazz for Rudy Gobert

Rumors are already swirling around the Utah Jazz and the NBA playoffs are still in full swing! Utah was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs and it becomes clear they don’t have a roster capable of making it to the Finals. This has led to speculation that one of Rudy Gobert or Donovan Mitchell will be traded in the offseason.

Gobert is the most likely candidate to be traded. Utah wants to build a winning roster around Mitchell. They want to add a more attacking star to compliment him and dealing with Gobert could lead to that. Gobert has been linked to a number of teams including the Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks and Toronto Raptors.

Dealing with Gobert and his massive contract won’t be easy. The big man owes an estimated $170 million over the next four seasons. Either way, there are teams that wouldn’t want to miss the chance to add one of the best rim protectors in the NBA.

Athleticism recently named Atlanta a solid destination for Rudy Gobert or Donovan Mitchell. But can the Hawks and Jazz make a trade work?

The perfect Hawks-Jazz Rudy Gobert Trade

DeAndre Hunter of Atlanta is the starting point for this trade.

Utah would be interested in Hunter so he could be the player who gives the Hawks a head start over other potential suitors for Gobert.

But it would obviously take more than De’Andre Hunter to make this deal happen. So what might a trade between these teams look like?

Athletic presented a perfect business scenario that would make sense from a financial perspective. The following is an excerpt from their article discussing the details of a Rudy Gobert trade for the Hawks.

“If Mitchell or Gobert were to become available, I’d say the latter is the likeliest option for the Hawks to land. There’s just been too much buzz in league circles with Mitchell at the Knicks if he were to be available. With Gobert, Charlotte and Atlanta would make sense as possible destinations A pick set of Hunter, Clint Capela and Jalen Johnson plus could work in terms of salary for Gobert, or if the Jazz prefer long cap space term, Danilo Gallinari could replace Capela.

Clint Capela is a terrific center. No, he won’t provide the same output as Gobert, but he’s not a bad alternative for a starting center either. Jalen Johnson and his picks would help urge Utah to pull the trigger on the Hunter-centric deal.

The Jazz don’t have to trade Rudy Gobert or Donovan Mitchell. But the duo was unable to lead Utah to a deep playoff run during their time together. A fresh start is the best option for all parties involved. Gobert could play alongside Trae Young in Atlanta, Mitchell would gain a new generation of players to lead, and the Jazz could focus on building a winner that doesn’t revolve around Rudy Gobert as a co-star.

The deal also makes sense for the Hawks, who have faced their own struggles in the playoffs. They could use defensive assist. Gobert’s offensive numbers could also increase with an elite distributor in Trae Young giving him the ball.

It will be interesting to watch the Jazz and Hawks this offseason and see if they can swing a trade based on Rudy Gobert.

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