Snoop Dogg says aging rappers deserve the same respect as rock icons

Snoop Dogg argued that aging rappers should earn the same respect as rock and metal icons.

The rapper – who turned 50 last month – broached the subject during the Nov. 5 episode of the Rolling Stone music now podcast following a discussion about the deaths of The Notorious BIG and Tupac in the 1990s.

As reported by Audio wire, Dogg said there aren’t many older rappers today because the genre is still in its infancy. Still, the legendary rapper argued that rock and metal icons of the late years weren’t limited due to their age, and neither should their rap counterparts.

“They don’t limit the Rolling Stones,” Dogg said, “they don’t limit other bands that do that outside of our genre. You have rappers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You don’t have any. fucking rock and rollers in the Rap Hall of Fame.

“So slow down a bit, and start respecting our name and respecting us for who we are.”

Dogg continued to add, “Don’t put a time limit on how old we are or who we are, because we don’t look at rockers and say,” Dude, he has white hair now when he had black hair. , and everything is gray now.

The artist concluded by praising the artistry of his alternative peers. “We love their music, we love them, we respect them, we come to support them, we sing their music – diehard fans,” he said. “We should have the same love in hip-hop because we’ve created something that’s going to last forever, it’s generational.”

Dogg’s comments came on the same day he released a new single, “Murder Music,” starring guest rappers Benny The Butcher, Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes.

The track is the latest preview of Dogg’s upcoming album, ‘The Algorithim’, the debut album by the newest rap supergroup, Mount Westmore, of which Dogg is a member.

The group, which also includes Ice Cube, E-40 and Too $ hort, released the album’s first track, ‘Big Subwoofer,’ last month.

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