Noah Thompson Reflects On ‘Whirlwind’ ‘American Idol’ Experience And Talks New Music

After winning “American Idol,” Thompson focused on her writing.

Prevailing american idol winner Noah Thompson has been enveloped in a whirlwind of new experiences since winning the title just over two months ago. From performing at the CMA Fest to writing and recording new music, the Kentucky native soaks it all up.

Thompson spoke to country now about her new single”Stayhis exciting encounter with a successful singer-songwriter, and what he learns about music-making from the Nashville community.

Noah Thompson; Photo by Easton Schirra

Originally recorded by Rihanna, the song “Stay” has played a major role in Thompson’s career so far. Releasing his own version as a single is a moment of closure. The first time he heard the song he was at work with his pal Arthur, who encouraged him to audition for american idol. “Arthur just made me sing the song so we could send it,” he laughed, recalling the submission process for american idol. “But I had no idea what one of my biggest moments on the show would be doing that song.”

During the round of stunners, Thompson stunned the judges with her song choice and performance. “I guess no one expects a kid in work boots and flannel to come out and sing a Rihanna song,” Thompson joked.

He also struck up a fun friendship with fellow country artist and Idol HunterGirl finalist during their time on the show. “We started getting closer to the top 24 and we’ve bonded ever since,” Thompson said. “We’ve just been good friends and rooted for each other ever since.”

After winning the contest, Thompson’s label approached him about recording a full country version of “Stay” and he was thrilled. “I was ecstatic about it. I thought it was the coolest thing ever…I think it was just one of my biggest moments on the show and I have the felt like it was so cool to release a new single with that… My own version.

Thompson regularly commutes between Kentucky and Nashville to write, record, and learn the ropes from established songwriters and artists. One of her favorite experiences so far has been meeting someone who shares her last name.

“I got to sit down with Josh Thompson and found out he was one of the writers of ‘Wasted On You’ for Morgan Wallen, so I was really excited about that. It was really cool for me.

Noah Thompson;  Photo by ABC, American Idol
Noah Thompson; Photo by ABC, American Idol

As he connected with other songwriters, Thompson learned the process of creating songs with other people. “The only thing I’ve ever done is I sat in my bathroom at home, my guitar and that’s all songwriting has ever done for me,” he said. shared Thompson. Now he’s learning from people like songwriter and producer Jimmy Robbins about both writing and recording.

“I watched them write a song and it took them about 30 minutes,” Thompson said. “But he was guiding me through it, how it works, how they go through it.” He also described his experience collaborating with other writers. “You come back to an idea and whatever idea fits the title, then that’s what you do and that’s what you write about. And I think that’s so good how it works. Because I’ve never done it that way, so it was unique to me.

When it comes to studio recording, Thompson admitted he doesn’t have much experience. “The first time I was in a studio was on the show when we recorded ‘One Day Tonight.’ Now that he’s working with producer Jimmy Robbins in the studio on new music, he feels less pressure. “Jimmy is so easy to work with. We have a great time there. We laugh and have a great time.”

Thompson teased new music on TikTok recently, sharing a snippet of a song he started, asking fans if he should finish it. “I have a lot more free time now. I’m at home, constantly messing around with the guitar or whatever. I’m just trying to write new stuff. People seem to like it, so I’ll probably finish it.

What can fans expect from his new music coming out later this year? Thompson believes he’s a deeper songwriter after co-writing with some of Nashville’s top talent.

“I’m discovering so many new things and doing all of this and it’s so much fun.”

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